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“Stuffed” Turducken Roll (Half Size)

“Stuffed” Turducken Roll (Half Size)
Deposit - $25
Please note that the $25 payment collected is *only a deposit* and the final price will reflect the weight, due at pickup.
To add additional items to your order such as gravy, gumbo etc, are listed under the sides tab.

Rolls range from ~4-5 lbs, final cost will be around ~$35 to $50 total.
They will feed 6 to 10 people. 
Price/lb of dressing choice:
Dirty Rice - $8.89 / Cornbread Dressing - $8.89 / Jambalaya - $9.09 
Boudin - $9.09 / Crawfish Rice - $9.89

Required Option Choices: 
-Choose your type of Dressing.
-Must specify pickup date.

Holiday Pickup Dates:
1/1/21 - Closed New Years Day
No pick ups can be scheduled for these days.


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